Alan T. Sugiyama High School

Alan T. Sugiyama
High School

In-School Program for Parenting Teens

Parent Education Lab

The Parent Education Lab (PEL) is an on-site and in-school secondary program for pregnant students and parenting teens (both male and female), to learn practical skills while enrolled in school toward the goal of graduation, quality employment and career opportunities. Students are supported through a number of services created to build sustainable parenting, financial and life skills to support their families.

Educational Instruction

Emphasis is placed on a comprehensive Family and Consumer Sciences Education curriculum were students can earn credit.

Health Services Support

The Department of Health and Human Services provides support to and resources for students.

On-Site Support

Licensed child care is provided for both mothers and fathers enrolled in the program with children one month to 36 months old.

  • Child bonding (building relationships).
  • Creating routines and nutritional support.
  • Promoting parents as advocates for children.
  • Supporting student-parents with their needs.
  • Assistance accessing community resources is also available.

For more information and to learn how to apply, visit the Parent Education Lab page