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Alan T. Sugiyama
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Alan T. Sugiyama High School


About Alan T. Sugiyama High School

Alan T. Sugiyama High School at South Lake (ATS) offers students a small school option and ensures a personalized high school environment. ATS students can choose from two unique pathways, one is focused on college and career readiness and the other is focused on arts and entertainment.

The college and career pathway provides support for students and their families, with the tools needed to successfully navigate preparing for college and applying for scholarships and financial aid. The arts and entertainment pathways at ATS are remixing the way learning “looks”.

ATS Student Internships

We’ve cast a wide net into our community to partner in the Performing Arts, Music, Radio, Film Making, Design, and more to engage our youth and provide opportunities for them to work alongside of industry professionals to develop both skills, networking, and internships as a means of driving careers and post-secondary education.

The Student-Interns at Alan T. Sugiyama High School (ATS) will experience working and learning in a non-profit arts organization. They will gain work experience, learn how to work on a team, and many more skills that are transferable to other work environments

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Remixing Education – Continuous Enrollment

Through our unique arts based coursework, workshops and curriculum, we are Remixing the way learning “Looks”, to enable students to see that learning through a creative lens & perspective can cultivate future careers in the arts and develop real skills and industry experience.

From Music and Entertainment industries to Performance Arts, Radio and Film Making, ATS High School at South Lake has compiled a wide variety of dedicated mentors, experts and working artists. The goal is to teach ATS students industry-based skills that lead to real-world work opportunities or pathways to college programs after graduation.

Our Remixing of the learning experience, in partnership with Seattle Public Schools, allows ongoing enrollment (even if you don’t attend ATS) to join and participate in our workshops and courses from our teaching artists. Our programs offer credits for students in an effort to place them on the road to careers in the creative arts as a compliment to their foundation of core curriculum requirements via SPS.

Our Goals are to continually add partners through the friends of ATS South Lake and expand what it means to shape the next generations of artists, musicians, actors, film makers, technicians, directors, and community leaders. 

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Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Goals

Mission: A learning community that nurtures potential into limitless possibilities. 

Vision: A Family that believes, inspires and empowers voice and choice.

Core Values: Empathy, Resiliency, Persistence and Compassion.    


  • We are creating a culture of voice and choice. 
  • Building pathways to career and post secondary education.


Location, Collaboration, Community…

Situated just over a half-mile from the Rainier Beach light rail station and across the street from a Metro bus stop, Alan T. Sugiyama High School (ATS) welcomes students from all over the city. We provide scholars with authentic learning opportunities, serving students from our own neighborhood and beyond.

ATS can connect you with exciting mentors and real-world experiences easily accessed by public transportation.

The ATS campus shares space with the South Shore K-8 School, Dunlap Elementary, and the Rainier Beach Community Center and Pool.

Steps away from a Seattle Public Library branch, and mere blocks from several outdoor learning environments, our community of learning includes:

  • Pritchard Island Beach
  • Beer Shiva Park
  • Rainier Beach Urban Farm and Wetlands

Social services, ethnic support agencies, and a variety of local businesses provide amenities in our neighborhood – all of which serve to support our students’ learning.