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Alan T. Sugiyama
High School

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Alan T. Sugiyama High School at South Lake (ATS) is committed to maintaining small enrollment that fosters a family atmosphere. At ATS, we inspire and empower our students to look beyond the attainment of a diploma.

High school students enrolled in Seattle Public Schools can transfer to Alan T. Sugiyama at South Lake at any time during the school year. We are also enrolling rising 9th grade and current high school students for next year.

Unique Internship Opportunities

ATS Student-Interns will work with industry professionals and gain experience in marketing, podcasting, event production, media production, theatre costuming and much more.

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The ATS is Remixing How Students Navigate Education

A Clear Focus on Your Educational needs:

  • Students who prefer a small, more personalized high school experience
  • Students who are motivated to accelerate credit attainment
  • Students who are interested in shaping pathways in the music, arts, radio, entertainment, and multimedia
  • Students who are committed to preparing themselves to access post-secondary possibilities
  • Students who desire to engage in specialized curriculum to advance student-athletes