Alan T. Sugiyama High School

Alan T. Sugiyama
High School


Y-Scholars at Sugiyama

Y-Scholars is a College and Career readiness program designed to be another helpful pathway to post-secondary success. At Sugiyama, Y-Scholars is a daily advisory class.

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Y-Scholars strives to provide support and mentorship for students of color and their families, with the tools needed to successfully navigate preparing for college, applying for scholarships, and gaining financial awareness. Y-Scholars provides a continued pipeline of support during the transition from high school to higher education.

  • Think – Identify your passion to meet your college or career goals 
  • Know – What is the knowledge needed? 
  • Act – Activating new techniques and skills  
  • Go – Transition all College and Career knowledge/skills to post-secondary goals
college portfolios created for each student
College portfolios created for each student

Y-Scholars will help students:

  • Increase their academic potential
  • Develop a post-secondary plan
  • Begin learning and applying strategies for success

At Sugiyama, Y-Scholars is a daily advisory class. Topics and workshops include:

students in the y-scholars classroom
Students in the Y-Scholars classroom
  • personal and career goals
  • self-discovery
  • learning systems
  • study strategies
  • critical thinking
  • communication skills
  • career plans
  • college resources
  • intrusive advising
  • wrap around SEL
  • completion of HSBP
  • college applications
  • art of interviewing
  • life skills 
  • financial literacy
  • FASFA informational
students in the y-scholars classroom

To be fully College & Career equipped

The goal is to transform students’ academic behaviors and create a learning environment to ensure college/career readiness, to enhance overall performance personally and academically. 

In addition, we provide and encourage experiential learning by stepping outside of the campus for more hands-on learning. Our field trips are highlights to most students!

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