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Updated! Great Futures Prep Basketball Schedule

Great Futures Prep Basketball Schedule 2023-24


  • Nov 1: BFL Prep (Home)
  • Nov 2: Elite Prep (Away)
  • Nov 5: Clackamas Juco Jamboree (OR)
  • Nov 14: Rosemary Anderson Prep (Home)
  • Nov 21: West Coast Preps (Home)


  • Dec. 5: PHH National Team (AZ)
  • Dec. 6: OTE Diamond Doves (AZ)
  • Dec. 7: Dream City Christian (AZ)
  • Dec. 9: Skyline Prep (AZ)
  • Dec. 16: Tarkanian Classic (NV)


  • Jan. 12: Kings Schools (AUS)
  • Jan. 16-17: PNW Invitational Schedule
    • Jan. 16: Elite Prep (8 p.m.)
    • Jan. 17: UFV Cascades Prep (8 p.m.)
  • Jan. 19: Chase For the Chain (AZ)
  • Jan. 26: BFL Prep (Home)
  • Jan. 27: Rosemary Anderson Prep (Away)


  • Feb. 2: National Prep Invitational (RI)
  • Feb. 13: West Coast Prep (Home)
  • Feb. 18: UFV Cascade Prep (Senior Night)

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