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Academic Fundraising

Donations, Sponsorships, Stewardship, and Community Partnerships

Join the ATS Family! Become Part of the ATS Narrative!

As a Family, We Can Achieve our Annual Fund Goal & Partner to Build a Culture of Voice & Choice.

Partnering and collaborating with the community, individual, business, corporate, and with people from various art and entertainment industries to shepherd a culture of voice and choice for our students. In addition to securing financial resources to operate and provide the essential needs for our students, partnering and collaborating with people from numerous art and entertainment industries will lead to career and post-secondary pathways.

As we continue to collectively build our Arts and Post-Secondary Pathways Programs to ensure success for our students beyond high school, We recognize that each partnership will range from abstract to concrete, yet the uniqueness of each partnership is what will bind us and form the foundation on which ATS will stand. Furthermore, the uniqueness that each partnership will bring, will keep us grounded as we collectively strive to be unique. Lastly, we are asking for your partnership, because we believe you too embrace the following beliefs:

“For these are all our children. We will profit by, or pay for, whatever they become.” 

– James Baldwin

“If our desire is to truly serve students, we must first build a culture of voice and choice, and only then shall they come.”

– Dr. Joe Powell

Donation and Sponsorship

How Family Members Can Support the ATS Family

Becoming Part of the ATS Narrative means that your partnership and/or financial support will fund resources not currently funded by Seattle Public Schools. The greatest impact of your financial support, whether as an individual, a small business, or a large corporation, ensures that ATS will have the funding to keep growing our Art and Post-Secondary Pathways. In addition, your support will enable us to continue recruiting the best educators and industry professionals to teach and mentor our students to ensure a culture of voice and choice.

Public Stewardship

Our long-term goals are focused on building a strong foundation of public stewardship. The four Pillars of ATS were established by all stakeholders including the immediate family of Alan T. Sugiyama. The four pillars are the primary Core Values that represented who Alan T. Sugiyama was. We recognize that what type of human beings are students become is more important than any individual accomplishment(s). Therefore, our greatest contributions will be Empathy, Resiliency, Persistence, and Compassion. These are the Core Values that are anchored to our foundation, and these are the Core Values that we are bound by.

“Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity”

– Horace Mann

Building Partnerships

A Foundation Grounded on Partnerships

At ATS, the foundation of our Career and Post-Secondary Pathways are built on our partnerships. Beyond financial support, our partners invest their time, expertise, and mentorship to inspire and empower our students. We partner with people and organizations from across the arts and entertainment industries to shepherd a culture of voice and choice, as part of the ATS narrative! 

Become Part of the ATS Narrative

Our school is in dire need of your time, your voice, your expertise, and your public stewardship. We have come to the realization that grants and organizations that prey on poverty can no longer sustain our efforts to complete our rebranding and rebuilding efforts, nor will simply receiving grants and/or donations allow us to build true capacity for our students. We need your partnership to collectively build a school and our narrative.