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    Digital Recording Arts Program Celebrates Student Creatives
    Posted on 06/24/2019
    A student works at a computer to produce a digital recording

    South Lake Digital Recording Arts Program Celebrates Student Creatives

    At South Lake High School, a thriving recording and performing arts program has given students the avenue to explore their interests in music production and recording. In the last year, students enrolled in the class have channeled their inspiration to produce songs and podcasts that they are now ready to share with their communities.

    South Lake High School is an option high school with continuous enrollment throughout the year, which means high school students enrolled in Seattle Public Schools can transfer to South Lake at any time during the school year. The school is also enrolling rising 9th grade and current high school students for next year.

    The small, personalized learning environments at the school have given students the opportunity to closely connect with teachers and freely explore their creative potential.

    A student wears headphones as they work on a recordingJahvanni produced a song titled, “The Marathon Continues,” which was inspired by one of his classmates. “The beat came first, then the lyrics,” says Jahvanni. “When listeners hear my song, I want them to know that they can learn another talent or skill when they just put their mind to it.” Listen to The Marathon on SoundCloud.

    The class is taught by two local teaching artists who have vast experience in the music production field: Chelsi Reed and Frank Walton Jr. “I’ve made two albums and almost finished three, all because of the love and support Frank and Chelsi gave to the 1st and 2nd period classes,” says Magan. 

    Walton is excited that students have a new opportunity to find an interest the arts. “The music program at South Lake has become a positive option for students to both learn the technical skills of computer music and express their gifts in a new way.”

    Reed experienced a year full of incredible growth with students and South Lake High School’s music program. “Our students bring a lot of passion and a lot of story into the classroom. The music classes have offered them a space to tell their stories, express themselves honestly, and build their technical skills and creativity at the same time.”

    A student poses for a photoThrough the program, Jacinda discovered a budding love for production beyond music. “I’ve learned that I love doing podcasts, which is something I’ve never put much thought into before this. It was also a good way for me to be more social than usual. I also learned how to record something, which I’ve been doing a lot lately. This was definitely a great experience for me.”